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Interior Doors
Interior Doors
Interior Doors

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Let your doors bring out the best in your home! Newfane Lumber deals with multiple door vendors to offer a wide selection of interior door styles. Stop by our showroom to view the interior doors on display or browse our vendor brochures to find the perfect doors for your home.

Reeb Millwork

Reeb Millwork offers high-quality interior doors in many styles. Explore which is the best fit for your home.

Wood Stile & Rail

Available in various wood species, stained doors are timeless and show character.

Primed Stile & Rail

The strength of solid wood is paired with a primed, ready-to-paint finish.

Flush & Moulded

Available in solid core and hollow core options, perfect for any interior application.

Masonite Doors

Distinctive doors that complement any style. Available prefinished, primed, and unfinished, Masonite doors come in a variety of styles to meet every design need. After years of research on door performance and popular design trends, Masonite is able to deliver doors that meet any home need.